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3 Oceans

Inter Terminal Services SAS

ITS SAS is a company based in Colombia, with operations in the port of Buenaventura. We are specialized in maritime inter-terminal transport between the all 3 container terminals, backed up with the best specialists, with experience in diverse tugboat and barge transport and towage operations.

3 Oceans

Okianus Terminals

Okianus Terminals is a liquified Petroleum and Palm Oil Terminal, with over 21,000 tons capacity, located in Cartagena (Colombia), where it has an excellent port infrastructure for receiving ships for import and export purposes. Our teaminal offers its clients logistic and port support services for the reception, conservation, transport and dispatch of its import and export operations; permanently guaranteeing the quality of their products.

3 Oceans

CY de Colombia

CY de Colombia is a container storage yard with services that include inventory, maintenance, inspection, repair of dry and refrigerated units and local container transport. We have specialized elevators and lift trucks with front spreaders that facilitate the handling of containers, offering an appropriate and ideal treatment for each individual case


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Edificio Twins Bay – Torre Bancolombia
Manga, Calle 25 #24A-16, Of 1404


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Edificio Green Towers
Calle 77B #57-103 Of. 701

Santa Marta

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Edificio Bahia Of. 211
Calle 13 #2-27


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Centro de Negocios el Nogal
Carrera 7 #80-49 Of. 902


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Edificio Puerto verde Of. 303
Calle 8 #2B-22


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Edificio Forum
Calle 7 Sur #42-70 Of.803


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CC Chipichape-Hall Empresarial
Av. 6A norte #37N-25/95 Of.609